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Located at Queen and Niagara since 1988. The neighbourhood has changed, Squirly's remains the same. Friendly staff, delicious food, great drinks and daily discounted specials all in a comfortable atmosphere.

The Kitchen

We try and make food that you would make at home. It's made fresh and affordable and served in an atmosphere as comfortable as your living room. Every day we offer two new food specials and a daily soup as well as our great standard menu items. We try and offer all of our items at reasonable prices.

The Bar

We offer daily drink specials and 10 Ontario craft beers on tap. We don't Infuse our alcohol or smoke our drinks , just consistent classic cocktails at an honest price.

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  • Madras Chicken Curry

    Slow cooked chicken, celery, onion, carrots, potato and chickpeas stewed in a spicy coconut curry sauce with jasmine rice. Served with grilled pita.

  • Chicken Parmesan

    Lightly breaded baked chicken breast topped with pomodoro sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese on a bed of spaghetti pasta. Served with side salad.

  • Classic Homeburger

    Our homemade 8oz beef burger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion and mayonnaise. Served on a brioche bun with a side salad.

  • Vegetarian Burrito

    Refried beans, rice, cheese, salsa and guacamole rolled in a 12 inch lightly grilled our tortilla. Served with a side of sour cream.

  • El Nachos

    Blue, yellow and red corn chips layered with a blend of cheeses, diced tomatoes, olives, scallions and jalapeños. Served with salsa and sour cream.

  • Chicken Bacon Wrap

    Grilled chicken, smoked bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato and mayonnaise in a lightly grilled flour tortilla .

  • 12 Inch Pizza

    Homemade thin crust with mozzarella and tomato sauce includes three free toppings.

  • Jumbo Wings

    One pound of our large grilled wings comes with your choice of hot, medium, mild, jerk or honey garlic and side salad.

  • Aperol Spritz

    Aperol, Prosecco, Soda, Orange Slice.

  • All Day Rosé

    Rosé, Gin, Triple Sec, Grapefruit Juice, Orange Slice.

  • Paper Plane

    Bourbon, Aperol, Montenegro, Lemon Juice, Lemon Twist.

  • Negroni

    Sweet Vermouth, Gin, Campari, Orange Twist.

  • Margarita

    Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Salted Rim, Lime.

  • Old Fashioned

    Bourbon, Water, Bitters, Sugar, Orange Twist.

  • Toronto

    Rye, Fernet-Branca, Simple Syrup, Bitters, Orange Twist.

  • Manhattan

    Bourbon Or Rye, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters, Cherry.

  • Caesar

    Vodka, Gin or Tequila, Clamato Juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, Extreme Bean.

  • Amaretto Sour

    Amaretto, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Orange Twist, Cherry.

  • California Salad

    Sliced avocado, artichoke hearts, creamy feta cheese and garden vegetables over spring mix lettuce, tossed in our dijon vinaigrette.

  • Burrito Bowl

    Mexican fried rice, black beans, blackened chicken, corn, salsa, sliced avocado and red pepper on a bed of mixed greens then topped with mixed cheese and a creamy avocado dressing.

  • Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad

    Hearts of romaine tossed in our caesar dressing with parmesan cheese blackened chicken strips and fresh croutons.

  • Quesadilla

    Mozzarella and cheddar cheese, green olives, scallions, jalapeños and diced tomatoes. Served with a side of sour cream.

  • Pierogies

    Crispy cheddar potato pierogies served with bacon, onion and sour cream.

  • Chips & Salsa

    Blue, yellow and red corn chips served with in house salsa and guacamole.

  • Stratford Pilsner

    Medium gold in colour, the nose suggests aromas of fresh malt and light orange blossom. It is light, clean and fresh on the attack developing into a balanced, slightly bitter, and long malty finish..

  • Wellington S.P.A.

    Special Pale Ale is an approachable and smooth pale ale that is deep copper in colour with a roasted malt and subtle apricot aroma. With a balance of malt and hops patterned after traditional English pale ales, this malt-forward beer has biscuit and caramel flavours upfront with a delicate floral hop finish. And hey, it’s just “S.P.A.” to friends!

  • Wellington Upside

    Upside is exploding with juicy grapefruit, peach, and tropical hop flavours. This New England style IPA has a hazy appearance, soft mouthfeel, and balanced bitterness which allows the vibrant dry-hop flavours to shine. Bursting with fresh citrus hop character, this tasty IPA is on the up and up!.

  • Amsterdam 3 Speed

    Medalist at the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards. Clear pale straw in colour, with a fine lacy head. To a foundation of grainy and bready notes, Hallertau hops contribute lightly flowery and spicy aromas. On the palate, this pale lager is light-bodied, balanced and refreshing, with light bitterness and moderate carbonation.

  • Amsterdam Space Invader I.P.A.

    Amsterdam Brewery has been brewing top quality beer since its inception in 1986. This India pale ale is gold in colour and offers an intense nose of grapefruit pith, pineapple, green tea and hops. The palate is dry and medium-bodied followed by zesty acidity on the long finish. Enjoy with fish and chips with a lemon wedge.

  • Woodhouse Lager

    This award-winning amber lager pours clear amber, with a generous, lacy head. Complex on the nose, with aromas of caramel, stone fruits and a grassy hops note. Straightforward and easy-drinking, it is light-bodied, with a moderate level of carbonation. Flavours include ripe fruit, cereal grains and some earthy hops notes.

  • Great Lakes Canuck Pale Ale

    Medium amber colour with thick head; aromas of fresh hops, citrus and tropical fruit with pine and roasted cereal notes; slightly bittersweet, medium bodied, rounded and refreshing, flavours of lemon zest, pine and grapefruit, with ripe fruit, earth and leafy notes on the dry finish.

  • Beau's Lug Tread

    Lug Tread is Beau's flagship beer; it's an award-winning, Kolsch style ale. Gold in colour with a rich head. Shows fragrant hops, citrus and roasted malt aromas with yeasty tones. The palate is smooth and creamy, with balanced, malty sweetness, herbal hops, fruit and grain/cereal flavours. Great with appetizers or poultry.

  • Beau's Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale

    Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale is an imaginative interpretation of the Pale Ale style and features a unique northern-inspired medley of ingredients. Sweet Gale, Yarrow, Dried Heather Flowers, Rose Hips, and Cranberries comprise its balanced fruit-and-herb bouquet, while a Maple-Syrup addition rounds out the complex character of the beer. The Nordic Pale Ale features intricate herbal nuance, moderate hop presence, and a crisp finish.

  • Henderson Best Amber Ale

    Henderson’s flagship, Henderson’s Best, is a modern take on classic ESB – a refreshing ale with a mild floral nose. To create this beer we tried to imagine the beer first brewed in Toronto at the beginning of the 19th century and how it would havechanged and matured over the 215 years between then and now. That recipe, tweaked throughout 2015 became Henderson’s Best and won an award at the 2016 Ontario Brewing Awards.


On Tap

We Offer 10 Ontario Craft Beers

From The Menu

Our Wings Are Huge! One pound of grilled wings with your choice of side salad
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Hot, Medium, Mild, Jerk or Honey Garlic

Mexican fried rice, black beans, blackened chicken, corn, salsa, sliced avocado and red pepper on a bed of mixed greens and topped with mixed cheese and a creamy avocado dressing.
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Burrito Bowl

Our Most Popular Salad

Slow cooked chicken, celery, onion, carrots, potato and chickpeas stewed in a spicy coconut curry sauce with jasmine rice. Served with grilled pita.
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Madras Chicken Curry

Signature Winter Dish

Large Party Reservations

Want to Book A table of 10 or More? Celebrating a birthday, milestone or work function? Bring your friends and join us.


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Manhattan Monday

Join Us on Monday For $8 Manhattan and $5.5 Pints of Stratford Pilsner .

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Paper Plane Tuesday

Every Tuesday $8 Paper Plane and $6 Pints of Welling S.P.A.

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Hump Day!

On Wednesday's We Have $8 Negroni and $6 Pints of Wellington Upside.

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